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Flash Butt Railway Pre Weld Preparation By IPG Laser Cleaning


Flash Butt Railway Pre Weld Preparation by IPG Laser Cleaning?

We have often been asked this question, and our research reveals the following answers:

  • The coating needs to be physically removed via abrasion for welding purposes
  • presently need at least 40 Grit Flap disc fitted to an angle grinder
  • Grinding wheels will clog quickly
  • Smears the coating rather than remove it
  • The Coating must be removed for a minimum of 50mm on each end of rails before welding (AT welding)
  • Avoid coating entrapment in weld – weakens weld
  • For mobile flash butt welding as well as workshop
  • Coating removal is required from rail ends
  • Complete coating removal is essential to ensure sound welds and pre clamping contact

Laser Cleaning offers greater benefits over manual grinding or chemical processes

Multiple benefits in assisting workers strain, less pollution, no hazard chemical contact, and more efficiency to clean to the base substrate for better clamp adhesion and electrical contact.

Watch the sample video:  Railway Flash Butt Laser Cleaning 

During coating removal the following PPE should be worn by operators in the vicinity of laser coating removal operations:

  • Dust mask to EN149: FFP2S or FFP3S
  • Laser Eye protection (goggles)
  • Gloves (suitable for hand tool being used)