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Laser Cleaning Machines Built in the Czech Republic

Our leading Manufacturer is Narran Laser for Cleaning, a Czech European company that was founded in 2013 to develop and manufacture its own laser systems, automation, construction of single-purpose machines and sales of laser equipment.

The Narran team consists of experienced experts and engineers who understand their work and can offer solutions to customer requirements thanks to many years of experience.

Depending on the application’s needs, Narran can design and integrate lasers into production lines, build an automated workplace or deliver a hand-held laser cleaner for a wide range of applications.

The Narran team consists of experienced experts and engineers who understand their work and solve any customer requirement thanks to many years of experience.

Depending on the application’s needs, Narran can design and integrate the laser into production lines, build an automated workplace or deliver a portable mobile laser for a wide range of applications.



Narran Laser for Cleaning, via their exclusive Australian and New Zealand Distributor Laser Industries Pty Ltd, offers a complete solution for the customer from the idea to the finished product. In addition, in collaboration with Narran SRO, Laser Industries has developed specific adaptations to suit further Australian and New Zealand climates and country-specific applications support and services.


The Global Network and Distribution team consists of engineers and graduates in the field who are constantly learning.


Narran Manufacturing is also supported by many Global Universities and Technical Centres

As well as many testimonials and references from international companies attesting to our reliability and operation



Testing Reports directly on the customer’s parts
RoLA Research of Laser Application 

Safety audit

ČSN EN ISO 9001: 2016 Certificate

Narran isn’t just Lasers, Narran Australia is your Solution.

The Narran International Network consists of experienced experts and engineers who understand their work and can solve most customer requirements thanks to many years of experience.

As different countries have different climates that can affect their applications and operations, the Australian team at Laser Industries supplies specific Acclimatisation equipment to their machines for Australia and New Zealand’s harsh operational environments. As a joint partnership, our teams can design a solution, build a bespoke or cobotic device, recommend a suitable machine, and installation. Of course, there is also Australian and New Zealand-specific service and support with post-warranty service. Together we have experience with all types of laser applications and the possibilities of using lasers, from surface cleaning to future laser welding.

Next-Generation laser process head

Undoubtedly, one of the most significant advantages of Narran Laser Industries systems against other cleaning laser devices is the perfectly thought out ​process head because you, as a user, will hold this essential part of the laser cleaning machine in your hand every day. The 3rd generation of the process head of the cleaning laser is the result of 7 years of development and improvement under the strict supervision of our Narran engineers in optics and mechanics.

1. Focus setting

The focusing distance affects the density and the reach of the process head from the area to be cleaned. Compared to other conventional cleaning systems, we offer automatic change without physical intervention and, thus, manual lens replacement. In addition, the focusing distance can be adjusted in millimetres to achieve previously unthinkable results.

To reproduce the functioning of our optics on other systems, you would need to have dozens of focusing lenses worth tens of thousands of dollars. At the same time, the laser optics are very sensitive to dirt, and any opening of the laser head when replacing the lenses can lead to severe damage to the internal optics, mirrors and process fibre, leading to unnecessary harm.


2. Ergonomic cleaning head grip

Although laser cleaning is a non-contact method, it is still relatively demanding physical work. The laser process heads of ROD/IPG  machines are light, have an ergonomic grip, and, above all, it is possible to put an optical cable over the shoulder or manipulate it in various ways if necessary for more accessible work.


3. Setting parameters directly on the process head

Thanks to the conveniently designed controls located directly on the back of the head, you do not have to stop cleaning and set the most important cleaning parameters on the machine display during work.


4. Active cooling to prevent overheating

ROD 200,300,500 and 1000 models all have actively water-cooled process heads. This can guarantee its smooth operation even in demanding climatic conditions (cleaning outdoors in winter and summer, inside industrial molds, directly on production lines), even in continuous three-shift operation. Our machines work all around the world from Australia to Russia, so we know how to properly design and control important parameters for our systems.


5. Cleaning at Angles

Angle cleaning combines two main advantages of vertical and horizontal cleaning.

Angle cleaning is used to increase the efficiency of laser cleaning. The laser beam does not fall perpendicular to the surface but is guided at a certain angle. ROD/IPG laser heads clean at an angle without the need for impractical tilting and twisting, saving operator fatigue and time.


6. Extraction with extended Nozzle

Our ergonomic process heads can attach the extraction hose directly to the head for maximum prevention against the possible danger of inhalation of vapours.

Dangerous fumes and particles can be generated during laser cleaning, and therefore we consider efficient extraction and filtration of fumes from the zone where the cleaning takes place as a necessary part of laser cleaning, extraction and safety are often ignored by low-quality manufacturers.

Extraction is most efficient as close as possible to the laser ablation process itself for eliminating the possibility of releasing particles and toxic gases, thus increasing work safety and prolonging the service life of the protective optics.


7. Possibility of Cobotic Mounts

Even after purchasing the laser, all models of our cleaning lasers can be attached to a manipulator, rails or a cobotic arm. The industrial PLC is ready for communication with superior systems or external laser beam triggering and Cobotic Applications.


8. Adjustable Beam Shape

Our cleaning lasers use a scanning system made especially for smooth and even laser cleaning and several beam shapes with different models. Thanks to the adjustable beam shape, our lasers not only increase efficiency and accuracy in cleaning but can also clean into textured and grooved surfaces that basic laser cleaning cannot handle.


9. Optics Protection

All ROD/IPG laser heads have double protection against unintentional penetration of dirt into the interior of the process head and automatic blowing of the optics. The blowing and cooling ensure a longer service life of a single consumable part of the laser – a cover glass that protects the lens from contamination. The cover glass is also easily replaceable.


10. Slant Beam Output

Thanks to the slant output of the laser beam, the head eliminates back reflections of both laser radiation and released dirt and fumes. Therefore, the head is less stressed by impurities and heat, so it has lower maintenance requirements, which positively affects its overall service life and safety.