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Australia's Most Advanced Laser Cleaners
Dust-Proof & Water-Controlled

Power ✸ Precision ✸ Progression
Australia & New Zealand
Service & Support


Australia's Most Advanced Laser Cleaners
Dust-Proof & Water-Controlled

Power ✸ Precision ✸ Progression
Australia & New Zealand
Service & Support
Why Laser Industries

Laser Industries’ IPG Laser Cleaning Machines have incredible versatility across a myriad of industrial applications. The technology offers a non-destructive, environmentally friendly solution. Laser Industries Pty Ltd is the exclusive importer distributor for European “laser for cleaning” within Australia and New Zealand.

Our IPG industrial Laser Cleaner range allows control of precision performance with the assurance of super-fast cleaning and high-quality finished results.

For large industrial and fabrication restoration projects, in the factory, in the field, or at sea, our laser cleaning machine is ready to deliver the energy needed for maximum production. Laser Industries’ unique machines feature a diode-pumped laser water-cooled IPG laser source for optimum reliability and a system that’s virtually maintenance-free. These remarkable amazing lasers are configured for both handheld work heads and optional automated applications with reliable software robotic interfaces.

Our range of IPG Laser Cleaning Machines is supplied for Australia and New Zealand with full Ingress Protection and temperature reliability, no internal maintenance, fast set-up, simple operation, and easy to automate. 

The hand-held cleaning head can be used to safely direct laser energy to a surface to be cleaned; the laser beam ablates from the surface coatings, rust and corrosion, without harming the substrate.

Plug it in, turn it on and start cleaning/de-coating restoration with all the benefits – without chemicals, media, dust, water, less preparation clean-up

Australian & New Zealand Climatised Water Cooled Laser Cleaners







Laser Industries’ Laser Cleaning Machines
Empty Subway Tunnel Under Construction. Large Temporary Ventilation Pipe Under The Ceiling.Construction Of The Subway
Laser Cleaners built tough for Australian conditions.

Corrosion Restoration Applications

Research of Laser Applications

Precision Laser Solutions

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IPG 300w

  • IPG Power: 300w
  • Trans-Portable: Hand-held Head
  • Water-Cooled Integration
  • Ingress Protection:62

2D Focused Laser Beam Shaping

Laser cleaning works on the principle of laser ablation, by which individual molecular bonds are broken down and released from the surface.
Due to our advanced technology, the laser pulses in ultrafast nanoseconds then surface impurities are heated and cooled very quickly, which causes evaporation but also creates local explosions that remove the contaminants from the surface.

Beam shaping optics also helps to optimise results in laser material processing. By using diffractive beam splitters, multibeam arrays are generated, leading to higher process speed and therefore, lower cost. Process speed can also be increased with tailored beam profiles – for example, top hat profiles because the pulse-to-pulse overlap is reduced. Furthermore, tailored beam profiles improve the quality of ablation.

Clean Corrosion and Restore

Surface Steel Preparation

Galvanised Zinc Staining

Rust and Oxidation

Paint Descaling

Graffiti & Sandstone

Oil Grease Stains

Dried Polyurethane

Mold Adhesives

Corrosion Removal with fine finishes

Stainless Steel Corrosion

Our laser cleaning produces almost no waste material because most of the impurities evaporate, and thanks to our high-efficiency laser resonators used, the cleaning process has virtually no operating costs. Only a single-phase power supply is required for laser cleaning or optional 3 Phase power.

Laser cleaning is a non-contact, non-abrasive method that is powerful, yet precise on the underlying surface of the material. As the effect of the laser radiation on the metal is corrosion dependent, the cleaning parameters can be adjusted to ensure that the underlying surface remains undamaged after cleaning.

Because lasers operate as a non-contact surface removal application, there is no need for a secondary medium that contributes to waste streams.

Power ✸ Precision ✸ Progression

Laser Cleaning Machines Australia, Laser Industries Pty Ltd
Next-Generation Surface Preparation

Laser Industries Pty Ltd is the exclusive importer in Australia & NZ of Next Generation Surface Preparation. Market-Leading, full European Industrial Laser Cleaning Systems. Featuring fully Integrated Water-Cooling & IP62 Dust-Proof Ingress Protection.

World-Class manufacturing in Europe, with local Australian and New Zealand Sales & After-Sales Support.

Our premium advanced range of Laser Industries IPG Cleaning Lasers is exclusively supplied to help conquer the challenging corrosion and restoration applications of the extreme Australian climatic conditions.

Purpose-built for Key-Factors of Power, Precision, and Progression to serve Heavy Industrial & Commercial Applications while maintaining the preservation of substrate surfaces.

Ideal for incorporating and facilitating easier access for Non-Destructive Testing requirements in wide-ranging industry applications.

Laser Industries Pty Ltd

Depending on the needs of your application, we custom design and integrate our IPG laser cleaning machines into production lines, build an automated workplace, or deliver a portable handheld laser work head for a wide range of applications and robotics.
We also have laser cleaning agents, who can perform laser cleaning services for small or large projects. If you are choosing a laser cleaner for your applications and operation, submit the contact form for advice and let us demonstrate how we can apply Laser Cleaning in action for the best possible solution.

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