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Laser Industries Pty Ltd now trading as Narran Australia new partnership with Narran CZ the leading European Laser Cleaning Equipment Manufacturer, offering superior performance with our high-quality custom industrial laser cleaning equipment.
Laser Industries is now rebranding our Laser Cleaning Systems from our existing Manufacturer Narran Lasers to the previous but new next 5th generation ROD Laser Cleaning Systems. 


With your help, we expect to understand your applications and operation that could use our Laser equipment to your advantage.  The Narran Laser Cleaning machines we offer would help your operations become even more efficient with your preparation and restoration of dissimilar metals and materials to remove rust, paint, and corrosive coatings.


Able to comply with Australian Standards, our range of Narran Cleaning Lasers is ideally suited to conquer Industrial Steel Fabrication Cleaning applications. Narran Australia’s Machines have incredible versatility across various industrial applications. In addition, the technology offers a non-destructive, environmentally friendly solution. From experiences with Metals, Corrosion Restoration, and Paint Stripping of Parts similar to your applications, we understand the problems of cleaning carbon corrosion, rust, and old painted sections from small to large structures requiring maintenance to remove pollution from dissimilar metals and even stainless steel.


Comparing our Laser Cleaning Range is very versatile, and detailed verbal application discussions are required to obtain the best solution and pricing ROI.


1. Our new 5th generation Narran ROD 500w Power Precision Cooled Laser Cleaner has complete IP62 Ingress Protection and weighs just over 200kg. Still, with a small footprint, it is our high-performing flagship for direct comparison to the fast cleaning of all the traditional methods currently used in workshops or even on more critical industrial sites. Powered by single phase 240V 15Amp with an Inverter Generator up to 5-6k and often housed in a significant Van or custom covered trailer for further mobility, yet still narrow enough to fit into EWP sites inside your workshop.


2. The Narran latest 5th Generation ROD 1000w is the Super High Powered and Ultra-Fast Laser Cleaner, a water-cooled super high performing Cleaner with complete Ingress Protection. The machine has the speed and power to supersede the comparison of current blasting options and traditional methods. The 1000w Model is 3 Phase power and a pure workhorse for heavy industrial Mining, Rail, and Marine applications in any Workshop or yard operations. 


Narran Australia also provides RoLA Testing Videos (Research of Laser Applications) that will assist with evaluating the relevance, suitability, proposed practical usage and theory approach in the workshop environment. 


This proof is related to the specifically nominated Laser Application for Cleaning/Surface preparation of nominated materials/parts relevant to the client’s desired, proposed usage of Lasers for Cleaning.


Please check our FAQ page


Naturally, If you choose to apply further progression into the exciting world of Laser Technology and advance into the future, please advise the most convenient time for our call to your management to discuss the level of Laser Cleaners to suit your applications.